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American flyer train set 7011 3195x 3280 3281 3282 1114

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American flyer train set 7011 3195x 3280 3281 3282 1114 Picture and Description:

Rare pieces, 2 engines, Golden State, Auto, Caboose


I was given this set after my great uncle passed away 10 years ago. I was told he played with these as a child. I researched these pieces and know a few of them are quite rare and thought about selling individually but would like to sell as a lot. from the 1910s-1930s from what my research shows. I am open to any questions about the condition. I do not know the grades of any of the pieces but will try my best to describe them or send you close up pics. I really debated on whether or not to sell it but after doing some research I discovered this is some people's passion so they will enjoy it more than I will. Good luck and if any of you can tell me any interesting facts about the pieces I would love to hear them! BIDDING STARTS AT $.01 to see what it goes up to. Watch with me! I have not cleaned the pieces to destroy them in anyway. Dust still remains on them. 3195X with Tender This engine is the second modification of the #16 casting. The Greenberg book indicates this engine is the later version of #3195. I agree that 3195X came later (1931 vs. 1930) but rather than just being a later version of #3195 I think it is possible that 3195X was intended to give the appearance of a different engine. I say this because an examination of the catalog cuts for 1931 shows an engine with predominately 3195X features (set #1309 Red Bird) and on the next page an engine which is illustrated as being headed by the original 3195 (set 1319 Iron Horse). I've seen both of these sets new-in-the-box with original 1931 paperwork and purchase tickets and the engines were as noted. Motor 7011 The Montgomery Wards catalog for 1929-30 illustrated two Flyer engines #7010 and #7011. 7010 is very similar to 1218 but it is painted green and has rubber stamped "Motor 7010" on the sides. #7011 was the upgraded 1218 superstructure (3110) but painted green with rubber stamped identification "Motor 7011" instead of etched brass plates. Club Car 3280, Pullman3281, Observation 3282 ALL Golden State RARE!!!!!!! Observation car has the brass steps #1114 – Caboose Flyer introduced the #1114 in the 1919 catalog. The car was lithoed with either #1114 or #1117. The number difference was supposed to identify the 4 wheel and the 8 wheel configurations but, as was so often the case with Flyer, you can find 4 and 8 wheel versions of the caboose in either number. The car, in various forms, was cataloged from 1919-1935. Roof colors can be black, brown, green, orange, or peacock and it can be either smooth or ribbed. The cupola can be found in red or brown litho (and yes, there can be a mismatch between the caboose litho and the cupola litho) or all enamel and it can either be found mounted as centered or offset on the roof. The later versions can also be found with stamped brass handrails applied to the sides. #1115 Automobile Car American Flyer 6 1/2 inch litho freight cars. These cars were first shown in the 1919 catalog. They consisted of a tank car, a sand car (gondola), a boxcar (automobile car), and a caboose and in various forms they ran through 1935. #1116 Pennsylvania System Gondolas The 6 1/2 inch gondolas were made from 1919-1935. In addition to those above Flyer also made 6 1/2 gondolas for Nation Wide Lines. I've seen these in both green and red. 10 curved track pieces and 4 straight

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